Tom Potter has the ability to connect to all levels. His life story is inspirational. A true fighter- Passionate about people and product .Hands on, practical and successful. From a Baker to the Founder of one of the Country’s most successful Franchises. His presentation was motivational leaving me with a blueprint for life. – “Life is about doing things, not having things.

Steve Johns
Franchise Manager, Victoria Foodco Group Pty Ltd

The Tom Potter story is not about Pizza. Tom shared with our team his story of Vision, Courage and Resilience. He shares how it you don’t get it right the first time, your courage and resilience will carry you over the line. This is a human story that we all relate too and any business owner or manager who needs to lead and inspire teams would benefit from the Tom Potter story.

Fiona O’Donnell
Company Director, Total Childcare Solutions Australia Ltd

I just wanted to follow up from our conference, say thanks and give you some feedback. You made a big impact on our managers both during and after your speech. The exit surveys post the conference was really positive about your session in particular. You really resonated with our group. They are all aiming to make their centres “Zebra’s amongst horses.

Damian Gorman
General Manager, Belgravia Leisure

We recently had Tom as our guest speaker at a breakfast for our 130 staff – being an automotive dealership with sales people, mechanics, apprentices, administrators and more – they all connected to his story – …. He had them captivated the entire talk. Not only is Tom’s journey great to listen to, he is damned funny and they were talking about it for days. It was a great morning and the big take out was that even successful people have their “stumbles” along the way.

Mark Beitz
Managing Director, Bartons

Tom is an outstanding speaker whose breadth and depth of business experience, as well as engaging and candid delivery style, will deliver value to any business audience. He has terrific insights into the growth and management challenges faced by entrepreneurs big and small, including guerilla marketing, growth strategies and corporate governance. He speaks from the heart, doesn’t mince his words, and leaves the listener with valuable and practical nuggets of wisdom they can put into practise straight away.

Jason Gehrke
Director Franchise, Advisory Centre

It takes hard work and determination to build a successful Australian Franchise, and who better to seek an understanding of this than Tom Potter, who has experienced it — and succeeded! Tom Potter’s energy held the attention of 250 high school students for the duration of this presentation. His enthusiasm was infectious and he entertained us with his trials and tribulations of building a successful business. Students were engaged and enriched as he educated us on the role of entrepreneurs, business plans and marketing strategies. Tom was amazing and the information he imparted was invaluable for our students, inspiring them to “Always Aim High” (Our School Motto).

Angela Dawes
Head of Business & E-Learning, Ferny Grove SHS

Hire A Hubby engaged Tom Potter to address our National Conference in 2014. Aside from being an engaging presenter with a wealth of relevant stories, Tom was “on message” with our intended script, and delivered his/our message with passion and a good dose of humour.

Brendan Green (JP)
CEO, Hire A Hubby

Tom came and spoke to our YPO group about his business journey and we absolutely loved every minute. Tom is a very witty, engaging speaker with a great sense of humour. We appreciated his honesty and candour sharing the good, bad and the ugly. We appreciated his insights on leadership and could see the value of engaging Tom further in our own company conferences.

Priyanka Rao

I just wanted to write you a brief note to express our appreciation for your contribution to today’s TEL Talk.
Your willingness to share your insights on leadership was fantastic.
On behalf of AIM, I would like to sincerely thank you for your time.

Audra Duncan
Australian Institute of Management

Glad you both made it back from your America trip and hope that Vegas and NY lived up to their reputations. I know one of the things you wanted to get was some of the comments that we received in regards to your keynote. I think the below represents really well.

“Tom was motivating and his ideas were really applicable to our business even though we are in a different industry”
“I’ve never seen a keynote speaker make himself so available and get so involved with his audience in and out of the sessions”
“Great insights from someone who has been there and done that”
“Best speaker yet since I became a franchise partner and have been coming to the Annual Franchise meetings.”
As you move into your summer, we move into our fall, which for Arizona is the time of year we get to “gloat” to friends and families out East and up North.

Carla Sutter
Director of Operations, Synergyhomecare

As a speaker, Tom Potter is inspirational. He not only tells his story but motivates students be better and to ask more. Tom creates an atmosphere where the audience wants more. He tells of his success but is also openly discusses his challenges. We are very thankful that Tom Potter gave us his time, the students consistently went back to his words during the teaching of Small Business Management and HRM topics.

Cathy Walsh
Prince of Peace College

Tom was extremely insightful and an engaging story teller. He shared the positives of innovation in business, zig when others zag! Thank you Tom.

Nicole Prendergast
Customer Communication Manager, Bankwest

The stories he told us about innovating ideas were brilliant. I also liked how he personalised the talk and told us the story about how he got into business. I had the pleasure of working with Tom Potter in 2013, when he agreed to present the keynote address at the Business Educator’s Association of Queensland (BEAQ) annual conference. A room full of secondary school teachers can be a tough crowd, but Tom soon had them engaged and entertained with his unique entrepreneurship story. Filled with humour and personal anecdotes, many audience members proclaimed his speech as “the best BEAQ keynote speaker yet”. Tom was very generous with his time and stayed on during the morning tea break to speak to delegates and sign copied of his book. If you are looking for an honest and down to earth keynote speaker to be part of your next event, I would highly recommend Tom.

Belinda Hopgood
Conference Coordinator, 2013 BEAQ

Tom is a compelling and dynamic speaker whose message is important for graduates – be creative; show commitment and passion for what you do, and ; have fun. As entrepreneurial skills and approaches become increasingly significant in many professions, Tom’s example will continue to inspire and motivate.

Robert Stephenson FRSA FCPA
Head of Campus, Bendigo La Trobe University

We had over 400 people at our conference engaged in Tom’s presentation. The mixture of life experience and relevant stories resonated with our members.
Tom did a break out session with our High Achieving members and really cut through with messages about how to grow and lead a dynamic business.

Brad Wood
Director, Astute Group – Financial Services

Haven’t spoken to anyone who Didn’t love your speech. Not often have I seen that many Questions asked after a presentation And they would have kept going if we had the time.

Michael McNab
CEO, McNab Construction

Delightful informal speech, thoroughly enjoyed by Jani-King’s senior management group. The presentation was humorous and pitted with numerous learning experiences and wisdom from Tom’s recent past as a business leader and as an entrepreneur.’

Ben Stoltz
CEO, Jani-king Australasia

A huge thank you for your outstanding presentation – I really got a lot of feedback on how excellent it was and also how honest and candid, it definitely added a lot of value to the attendees – so thanks!!!!

Justine Charlton
QSR Media Conference

Tom so glad we were able to share your wonderful life experiences in person and well worth the quick fire flight up and back in a day.
You are an inspiration to what can be achieved in business in our great country and so glad our clients were able to benefit from your pearls of business and life wisdom.

Garry Pendleton
Garry Pendleton, Toshiba

On behalf of us all at Toshiba, thanks again for your entertaining and engaging address this morning.
Based on the feedback received from our customers, really hit the mark.
It was great to meet you and we appreciated the time you gave everyone.
Congratulations on all your achievements and thank you for being so generous in sharing your experiences.

Andrew Hopper
Regional Manager, SE QLD Toshiba

We have had such a positive response from your talk and can’t thank you enough for being apart of our conference.

Carina Guy
Marketing and Events Manager, Hocking Stuart Real Estate, Melbourne

Hello Tom and Tanya,I hope you enjoyed your time in the States and made it back home safely. Thank you so much for going above and beyond in sharing your time with us and our Franchise Partners. They enjoyed both your presentation and interacting with you socially.
Carla and I are going through the survey results and will definitely share with you comments and feedback related to your presentation. I am already using some of your terminology with the owners. The term that they are seeming to identify with and making actionable is who is the “serial killer” in your operations. Franchise Partners took that message back and are at least having conversations about who that is and what to do about it. In some cases they have already taken action on it.
Thank you for sharing these documents. I also came up with a format that I have shared with my offices based on your presentation.

Have a great day and thanks again for sharing your time with us!!

Kelly Allis
Franchise Business Consultant, Synergyhomecare